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In Being together with Ananta, space opens up for anything to resolve, to be seen, to unwind. During the individual session with her, a life long disabling pattern has been seen and healed. I have felt whole since then, and I feel strong energy flowing through my body continuously, like a breath, like ocean waves. This is bringing motivation into my daily activities (…)
Judith van Kolfschoten, Web designer & coach
Having connected with Ananta Ji is something that can hardly be overestimated. Since my first intensive satsang with her, I have been feeling the joy and excitement of an immediate resonance, even though my previous ways were of a different kind. Staying with her in her ‘meetings-in-truth’ you can at once sense that there is nothing to care beyond simple truth and presence in the moment, (…)
Michele Dalessio, Pema Shan, Italy
I went to see Ananta at a point in my life when my work and relating to people in general seemed meaningless, and i was judging myself heavily for not knowing how to be like other people. I had come to the end of the road. We talked briefly, and i remember being told to put aside all my notions of what love is (what a shock) and just to be in the body, sensing (…)
Mira Watson, Child & Family Consultant, Writer
My experience of a 3 days intensive group with Ananta was very powerful and created life changing shifts! Being in the Presence of all that is, in every moment, feeling her strong energy surrounding and holding you as she provides the space for you to honor yourself deeply and meet directly in Truth! She is a wonderful guide for transformation and healing (…)
Lyonne Carabott

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